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Most Popular Jewellery Brands in Pakistan [2022 Guides]

Jewellery Brands in Pakistan

Are you also longing to be the cynosure of all eyes at the upcoming event but unable to find the perfect outlook from which to find jewellery? Then stick around with us, as by the end of this blog, you will become familiar with the 12 top-notch jewellery brands in Pakistan, where you can find exceptional quality and artists’ impressions all in one.

The love and attraction that a woman has for jewellery never grows fainter. It is often said that jewellery is like ice cream for women; you always long for more. Whether attending a random party with friends, or a wedding ceremony, your appearance is stultified and half-finished without being adorned with jewels. Now let’s directly dive into to find about the most reliable jewellery brands in Pakistan.

1. Naiyab:

Is the wedding season in, and you haven’t found the jewellery to be a foil for your attire? Naiyab brings to you a rich ornamental collection ranging from antique rings to luxurious bridal sets. The craftsmen’s artistic design and finishing with glossy gemstones and pearls help you attain the queenly, divine look. With their Kundan earrings collection, you can rock any of your attire in the best way possible.

Their picturesque and attention-grabbing traditional style jewellery is the focal reason behind their achievement in the bridal and fashion industry. Their eye-catching pieces directly make their way into every woman’s heart. The only one of its kind, exquisite jewellery of Naiyab are made from German silver or gold plated and garnished with top-quality, unblemished pearls and stones. 

The adornments made by Naiyab are a mishmash of old aesthetic style with modern ones, bestowing you with a modish look to carry.

2. Damas:

The top destination jewellery brand in Pakistan that makes their jewellery pieces with utmost care is none other than Damas. Their artistic pieces, created with semi-precious stones, and gems are worth buying. Not only in Pakistan, but it is also established in the Middle East as a famous brand. Due to its extensive collection, Damas is further subcategorized into brands like Versa, Forever mark, and OneSixEight. While OneSixEight is famous for its stunning diamond collection, you can find exceptionally enchanting gold articles in Forever mark to make your events memorable.

3. Hanif Jewellers:

The luxury hub of jewellery, Hanif Jewellers, has always been counted as one of Pakistan’s top-notch jewellers. They have finely polished, detailed jewellery pieces that are eye-catching. They have a classic gold and diamond jewellery collection that looks great on every woman. They have been providing service in this industry for the last four decades and have established a good reputation. In addition to jewellery, they also have a collection of watches. Their articles of adornments, crafted with high-quality jewels have alluring elegance. Buy from Hanif jewellers and let the quality speak!

4. Shafaq Habib

Functioning in Pakistan Industry for the last 28 years, Shafaq Habib is a famous jewellery designer. Her jewellery is known as dream jewellery to wear because apart from uniqueness and quality, she also offers customized jewellery for every client, making her jewellery stand out from others. Most of her articles are for brides, letting them steal the show and attract all eyes on their special day.

5. Tesoro

When it comes to Tesoro, the brand doesn’t demand identification. It is undoubtedly one of the leading jewellery brands from the last few years. From the traditional ethnic jewels of Mughal era style to modern pearl embellished western style, Tesoro provides you with a breath-taking collection of ethnic earrings and other jewellery items inspired by architectural designs. In addition to this, Tesoro also has a wide range of clutches, handbags, and sunglasses. If you are looking for ethnic jewellery but long for quality, Tesoro is the right choice for you.

 6. Almas

Almas jewellers is a versatile business of jewellery not only in Pakistan but also in the USA. Its high standard quality and exquisite designs have acquired them the position of best jewellers. Their most popular products are the 3 piece bridal sets and jahaiz sets, making any woman stop and start staring at them. Their pearl-embellished handcrafted necklace is cherished by all the customers that feature metalwork with heavy gold.

 7. Needles Jewelers

Needles is one of the leading online jewellery stores in Pakistan. Their store contains a vast collection of finely finished, handmade jewellery articles, mostly garnished with zircon and Kundan, giving the customers a divine, traditional look to carry. The most shared article of Needles is their vast collection of sterling silver bracelets that can be worn in any setting. The best feature of this brand that allows it to heighten is its highly affordable budget. It has many items in all price ranges.

 8. Zaheen Kamran

Jewellery by Zaheen Kamran is also not bound by any introduction as it is one of the top hubs of jewellery presently in Pakistan. Her jewellery is 22K rhodium or gold plated and gives a traditional look to achieve. With her unusual combination of positioning woven with majhoors, Zaheen Kamran has succeeded in putting new trends in the fashion industry. Her jewellery collection is predominantly famous for bridals. The craftsman team is known to have an exceptional grip on techniques related to Sada Kari, Polk, Madrasi, Kundan, and Jarao styles exhibiting our artistic designs.

  9. ARY Jewellers

ARY jewellers are another honourable and trustworthy jewellery brand in Pakistan. They never fail to impress women with their mesmerizing designs. The most distinguishing trait of ARY jewellers is that they provide jewellery in not only 22 K gold but also in 18K and 20K. They also produce flawless diamond necklaces and rings, but people mostly like their gold articles. Visit ARY jewellers’ nearest outlook if you want to carry a gleaming and sophisticated look at the upcoming wedding.

 10. Glare Jewels

Another name that is marked for making engrossing silver jewellery is Glare jewels. It is a rising and shining name in the jewellery industry. Their products range from time-honoured Mughal era jhumkas that you can slay in any wedding function to tiny studs for a business meeting. Their products undergo special architectural work to have tantalizing designs that complement the classical, divine glance.

11. Jewelex

What will look more tempting than a silver ring with sapphire stone rooted in it? With more than 20 years of experience, Jewelex provides you with various silver jewellery adorned with precious gems. Although they also produce articles of gold, they are notably recognized for their high standard and delicate sterling silver jewellery. They provide a range of articles ranging from single stone rings for day-to-day use to heavy sets for weddings.

12.  Chandi Mahal

Are you tired of invariably wearing classical gold jewellery and want to try something fresh yet lavishing? With a trendy silver collection that you can wear on any occasion, Chandi Mahal brings exceptionally high-quality silver jewellery in an extremely affordable price range for everyone. They have diverse styles of incredibly crafted jewellery articles that can be worn at parties and for everyday use. Kindly visit their Facebook page, “Chandi Mahal silver jewellery store” to see their jewelry collection.



Whether it is Kundan earrings by Naiyab or sparkling silver bracelets by Jewelex, each brand provides unrivalled creations in a promising way. Until now, you most likely would have chosen the outlook whose items will add intriguing glam to your style!





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