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Latest Matha Pati Designs for Women [2022 Guides]

matha pati design



Matha Pati is always in style in the fashion world, and this Folk art Naiyaab’s Matha Pati will give you a stunning appearance that will complement all of your traditional outfits that you choose to wear with this piece.


Matha Pati is said to have been invented in Pathan culture. Ladies from all over the world adore the Matha Pati, and they have begun to wear it at mehndi functions and on their wedding day. The question is, why should it only be used by people from the Pathan cultural group?


Matha Pati is one of those things about which people exaggerate: it goes with everything!

No, Matha Pathi is a type of jewellery that is specifically designed to be worn with traditional clothing. And it only looks beautiful when paired with that because it demonstrates the culture through a single piece of jewellery.


Different cultures have different matha Pati types:

It is also well-known for its wide variety of styles and names for different cultures:

  • Kashmiri Matha-Pati / Jigni
  • Afghan Matha-Pati
  • Rajhistani Matha-Pati / Borla/Rakhdi : 

1- Kashmiri Matha-Pati/ Jigni:

Kashmiri jewellery is similar to afghani but is slightly different. On a daily basis, Kashmiris also wear Matha-Pati, which they refer to as jigni in the Kashmiri language. It is golden and silver in colour and features hanging beads and chains.

2- Afghan Matha-Pati: 

Women in Afghanistan typically wear Matha-Pati with casual dresses and daily wear and on special occasions. Matha-Pati is a traditional dress in this country that women of any age can wear.

It is a one-of-a-kind piece of work. It is mostly silver and golden in colour and is embellished with multicolored stones and antique coins.

3- Rajasthani matha-pati / Borla/Rakhdi:

Rajasthan has always done an excellent job of representing its culture. Rajasthani women wear a lot of jewellery on a daily basis, and if she is a newlywed bride, she must wear a lot of jewellery every day to look like a bride. Without Matha-Pati or Borla, married women in Rajasthan cannot be ready. The rakhdi and Borla are predominantly made of silver and gold and feature exquisite zircon work. 

Other than these traditional Matha-Pati, it also comes in different varieties of designs such as:

  • One-Sided Matha-Pati
  • Leafy design Matha-Pati
  • Multi-layered Matha-Pati
  • Only Pearls Matha-Pati
  • Borla Matha Pati
  • Chaand Bali Matha Pati
  • Gota Matha Pati
  • Floral Matha Pati

Matha-Pati designs range from the heaviest to the most basic, but most girls have one question in mind: Which is the best? What is trending the most right now? Matha-Pati, in what shape does their face looks the best?

Not to worry, here is a guide for people of all face shapes to pick the right Matha-Pati for them according to the trend.


Newest Matha Pati Styles and Trends for this Year

Matha Pati is available in many different styles. It is very important in giving the bride her final look. It’s one of the ever-lasting trends. There are so many lovely patterns and designs to choose from, from the stunning oversized and multi-layered ones to the girlish and lightweight ones. 


The Matha Pati have a wide variety of designs to choose from. No matter if you are getting ready for your own wedding or for the wedding of a close friend or sister, these stunning designs are perfect for all women. The following materials are used to make headgear:


  • Silver
  • Gold white plating
  • Diamonds
  • Platinum

Outstanding Matha Pati Designs For Brides:

Matha Pati looks the best on brides. That is not to say that it does not look good on other girls, but when it comes to brides, it just elevates her appearance to a whole new level!

With just this piece of jewellery, her entire look, including her dress and makeup, appears to be outstanding.


In most cases, matha patis, which brides traditionally wear during their mehndi ceremonies, are floral in design. Nonetheless, it is not always necessary; some brides prefer to wear gota Matha Pati, while others prefer to wear Afghani or Kashmiri Matha Pati; however, there is no strict rule in that regard; you can wear any design of Matha Pati that you believe will look the best with your outfit.

And the one which they wear on their Barat day is mostly Kundan, pearl, polki, or chand bali Matha Pati.

Perfect Matha-Pati for your face type:

  • Oval face shape: If your face shape is oval and you have a large forehead, the Kashmiri jigni will be the ideal Matha-Pati for your face shape and features. It will cover the top of your head as well as the sides of your face.
  • Diamond face shape: It’s challenging to find the right jewellery for a diamond face shape, but if you have a diamond face type, you should wear afghani matha-pati, and you will never be sorry for wearing it.
  • Square face shape: The Kashmiri and Afghani Matha-Pati are the best head-pieces and Matha-Pati for square face shapes because they cover a large area of your face in a way that nothing else can.
  • Round face shape: It’s best to go with a lightweight headpiece or Kashmiri Matha-Pati if you have a round face shape.
  • Long face shape: Long faces necessitate the wearing of heavy jewellery. The Afghani and Rajasthani rakhdi are excellent choices for special occasions when you want to look stunning.

Tips for Wearing Matha Patti in a Classy Way

  • When you look at your face, your cheeks will be the widest part. They will have a length and width that are almost the same.
  • There are oval pendants and designs with corners and edges that you can choose from.
  • Avoid Mathapattis that are too big because they will cover up a lot of the forehead and make a face look shorter than it really is. Instead, look for simple and delicate ones instead of big and bulky ones.
  • It is important to make sure that the matha Patti doesn’t make the front height shorter by pulling back on itself.



Naiyaab is always one step ahead of the competition when it comes to ancient jewelry pieces. This Matha Pati is proving them correct that they have the best variety of jewellery. 


If you want to have a traditional East Asian wedding, you need to have these things. One of the most essential parts of a bride’s jewellery set is the Matha Pati headpiece. A jewellery store has a lot of different things you can buy to make your bridal, but what can compete with Matha Pati to make you stand out from the crowd?


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