Crystal Mala Sets


30,000 21,000

Crystal Mala Sets


32,000 22,400

Are all brides-to-be looking for a statement-making bridal set? Then you have arrived at the right location.

Naiyaab is a place where beauty is a top priority.

Naiyaab always ensures that their clients' style statements will be remembered for a long time by providing them with the most luxurious jewellery possible.
Their collection is trendy with a fresh and elegant design spirit.

So for all the brides to be. Here is a multi-layered necklace Crystal Mala Set for your big day if you're looking for something eye-catching.

Whether you're planning to go to a big event or a wedding or if you are the bride, this stunning Crystal Mala set has you covered.

Or if you are not a bride but going to attend a wedding, then here's your chance to steal the show from the bride: Everyone wants to look their best at wedding ceremonies. Even though we'll be up against the bride, we still want to look our best.

This stunning and hefty Crystal Mala set is sure to turn heads.
I guarantee that this piece will give you the most beautiful appearance possible and perfectly match any of your outfits.
This Crystal Mala Set includes a matching pair of glitzy earrings to go along with the necklace.

Let your jewellery speak!!
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